Caution: Fraud with Internet gambling offers

Nowadays, everyone talks about gambling and betting, and this is mainly due to digitization. The reason is that for more than 5 years, at the latest in terms of gambling and betting, many providers have concentrated on the Internet. The reasons why Internet gambling is so interesting for both players and operators of such offers are obvious. It can be easily achieved with much less effort, to a much larger number of potential customers.

The effort required to operate an online casino, for example, is also kept within limits when compared to a “real” casino on the spot. But even for people who are generally interested in the subject of gambling, the Internet offers some advantages. With a few clicks you can call many online gambling and casinos providers, and you can also compare them with various comparison portals and information that deal with individual providers.

The first steps

In addition, this should always be the highest permission for potential players when they are looking for a new gaming provider on the Internet. Of course, as a potential customer of such suppliers, you cannot always be sure that you are dealing with a reputable supplier. This is particularly true in the case of Internet gambling providers, as local casinos face so many restrictions that it is difficult to reach a dubious or potentially “dangerous” casino. On the Internet, however, this is very different and as you can see in the title of this article, we want to explicitly address the question of how to protect yourself from the most fraudulent gambling providers on the Internet and what else is too old.

Online gambling and the legal situation

The most important thing, of course, is that you somehow get an overview of the structures and criteria according to which you can evaluate beforehand whether you are dealing with a reputable supplier or not. But how is that possible? Especially people who don’t have much experience with the game won’t find this task easy. Another reason why it is not exactly a piece of cake to recognize at first glance whether it is a serious gambling provider or not is simply because of the great selection. While the offer at Vor-Ort-Casinos is usually very limited, one can hardly save oneself on the Internet from the new online casinos and their advertisements and one is directly flooded with offers. Another critical factor with regard to this issue is the fact that the very nature of the Internet means that it is, of course, possible to access online casinos outside outside the EU. This makes it even more difficult to distinguish between reputable suppliers and dubious suppliers. It should be noted that in this text we refer to both online casinos and online gambling providers.

European companies

We, for our part, recommend with the search for a respectable gaming provider on the Internet that, if possible, you look only at operators stationed in Europe. The laws, guidelines and requirements that particularly affect gambling operators are designed to protect the customers. Now you’ll be wondering how you can tell where a betting provider or online casino is and under what laws it operates. As a general rule, one can look at the imprint of the respective supplier, which usually mentions the company or limited liability company through which the respective gaming offer is made. Most of the time you will notice, while looking at the impression of one or the other provider, that not only are the names of the companies behind the website completely different from the name of the respective website, but you will also be able to see that many companies “manage” several, partly known online casinos or betting providers.

Pay attention to the imprint of suppliers

In the course of this step one has then also the possibility to investigate something else on the Internet through the operators of the respective online casino or betting provider. There you can see more information and details about who you are dealing with and whether the respective game offer is safe. At this point it must also be said that if the case occurs and one does not find an impression, or sees a name that turns out to be an unknown company in a distant country, then one must keep one’s distance from the respective supplier. At this point, do not allow yourself to be influenced by criticism or comments on the suppliers’ own pages, as these are usually only used for advertising purposes. This also applies to known and reputable suppliers. Rather, in a further step, one should take a look at the known and established comparison portals. A respectable and well-known portal is

comparison provider

In the upper part of this article we have already briefly taken up the topic of comparison portals and we want to come back to it at this point. So, if you have an idea of the provider’s impression of online betting or casinos in the first step, you can and should look for several comparison portals on the Internet. Fortunately, there are many of them right now. These comparison portals generally deal with Internet gambling and, depending on the portal, online casinos and betting providers. For example, they compare the different bonus offers of the providers and delve into the details that are of interest to the potential customers of these gaming providers.


Especially if you do not have too much experience with gambling on the Internet yet, it is always worth taking a look at such comparison portals and information. However, you must also pay attention to some things. It is by no means the case that all Internet comparison providers who talk about offering serious and independent comparisons can do so. So you should be a little more cautious and, at best, rely only on well-known comparison portals that deal with gambling topics, betting providers and online casinos. Because it is only there that one has the possibility of receiving genuine information in front of the different providers of games of chance on the Internet. On good sides of this kind one finds besides also many customer opinions, partly only short empirical reports are, partly however also very long and detailed reports, of persons, who were already active before with one or the other provider.

To get gradually to the end of this article, we would like to point out that, indeed, there is fraud and swindling on the Internet. Especially when it comes to gambling and betting, unfortunately there are many so-called “scam providers” on the Internet. As a general rule, these providers are not reached too quickly if known search engines are used and the last pages of the search results are not clicked on forever. However, before deciding on an Internet gaming provider, you should make sure to implement the above points to be on the safe side when it comes to your Internet gaming experience.

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